FUNKTIONHOUSE Urban Lumber & Furnishings supplies unique and rare slabs, turning stock and lumber, and builds one of a kind, quality home furnishings using urban trees cut down in our own neighborhood. Owners Robert & Zoë Bocik salvage these beautiful trees by working with local arborists, home-owners, and municipalities—having trees that otherwise would have been firewood or landfill delivered to their on-site milling yard. Together, they mill and then render this gorgeous wood for use after drying it in their on-site dehumidifying kiln. Because Rob & Zoë are involved ‘hands-on’ with every step of the process from tree selection and milling to completed object, their love for wood and passion for the environment is translated into their beautiful and elegant furnishing designs; showcasing the incredible figure and colors of urban lumber, utilizing simple builds and completing each project with natural finishes; letting the wood “speak for itself”.